Every Avatar Has Its Own Story!

Every avatar has its own story – Here’s mine!

I took the process of choosing my avatar very seriously… After all, this is the person the whole world would see me as.!While choosing my avatar, I did my best to portray the simplicity of my character, and to embed my passionate love for science. I was careful of limiting my avatar to reflect only my present character or the person I strive to be:

The clothing I chose to wear shows by disinterest in fashion. Rather than following trends, I rather like to wear comfortable, yet presentable clothing. A simple jacket and warm sweatpants is the norm for me!My hairstyle, however, doesn’t symbolize as much! It is simply the hair I have: straight, wavy, black, and somewhat long!

And so… there you have it! My avatar’s story has been told…What’s your story?

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