Science News 2 – Artificial Intelligence

Intro to Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as AI, has shaped our world in many ways. Much of today’s technology depends on artificial intelligence, from space probes hat have visited destinations where  humans cannot, to Saudi Arabia’s first robot citizen. In this blog, prepare to be enlightened in the topic of artificial intelligence! So, to begin, you need to know some background information on artificial intelligence.  Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines that are comparable to human intelligence, John McCarthy  is often referred to be as the ‘inventor’ of artificial intelligence, as well as being  credited to have coined the term artificial intelligence. So, now that you’re a bit familiar with artificial intelligence – Why don’t we dive right into the topic?

Meet Sofia!

Sofia is probably the world’s first robot citizen, and her home is in Saudi Arabia! On October 25th, her existence was announced, and she was declared citizenship for Saudi Arabia, an unique accomplishment of its own. The interesting thing about Sofia is that she is designed to interact with humans, which means she can imitate human expressions! If this topic interests you, feel free to visit this article! Meanwhile, it’s time to get to our next topic!


I would like to finish this week’s science news by taking a quick break from AI, and giving a quick update on some space news! Cassini-Hyugens was a space probe in orbit of Saturn, sponsored by NASA, ESA, as well as the Italian Space Agency. Cassini had been sharing amazing research and pictures as well as news of methane seas on the moons of Saturn. For 13 years, Cassini was orbiting Saturn, but this year, Cassini dramatically plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere. Cassini was sending beautiful intricate pictures of Saturn’s ring, till the last, when it lost connection with Earth. We’ll all certainly miss Cassini! There’s quite a bit of science behind Cassini, so do visit this site for more information!

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