The Lion King Hero!


In the movie The Lion King, there are a great many noble characters, notable for great virtues and power. But after re-watching the movie, I started wondering if there was anyone in my life that had all the  qualities that made someone a hero. And then I saw an answer – my hero is my father.To me, my father has the virtues of every hero in the Lion King, and he houses many more. Just like Simba, my father is kind. In the Lion King, you may have noticed the grief Simba had at his father’s death. Simba felt no greed for the fact that he was no King. On the contrary, he felt horrible and guilty for something he never did. Just like that, my father never seems to care about himself as much as he cares about the family. He often wakes up at 4:30 in the morning just to make me a healthy breakfast and some nourishing lunch. He works hard and tries his hardest to make a great future for his family. And for this, everyday, I look up to my father, and try my best to become the kind person my father is every day.Of course, you may so assume that the connections between my father and the Lion King heroes did not end there. There is Nala, the young lioness who embraces her duty and is responsible, and in that way, exactly like my father. Nala went into the danger of the forests to find help, and in that way, fulfilled her duty as a citizen of Pride Rock. Just like that,  there is not one day when my father is not responsible, not caring about his share of work to keep the household working. All I can say is this: In that viewpoint too, I have a lot to learn from him! And then there is the late lion king himself, Mufasa, the gem of bravery, and again, ,a personality much like my father’s indeed. Mufasa was brave, and sacrificed his life to save his son. My father is brave too, and never hesitates to protect the family. And so that’s my hero, written out in terms of the Lion King. Just like Simba, Nala, and Mufasa, my father is kind, responsible, and brave.




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